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6 May, 2013



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Charlie, The Steak is an ultimate stress-breaker. It is a scapegoat we have created just for you, so you don’t hurt yourself are someone else when you are angry. Don’t worry, he’s not a real person nor he is a living creature. He is a steak! There are 4 modes of destroying Charlie – Well-Done, Medium, Rare and Raw – with well-done being the most “gentle” one and raw being the bloodiest, most aggressive and wildest one. You will be able to hit him, cut him, burn him, every possible way of torturing him – it will all be left to your imagination and your anger. There are also three minigames to keep you entertained and relieve your stress even better! There is a photo mode, where you have the option of collecting funny elements, editing photos and sharing them with your friends. You can also record a video with a voice message and with various animations and again, share it with your friends. There are more than 200 elements and each day, one element will be unlocked for FREE! The rest of them can be purchased for Meatballs – our virtual Charlie currency. You can earn it in one of our three minigames or win it in a lottery. In the minigames, you will have to hit Charlie at the right time in the right spots, throw knives at flying steaks, trying to hit as many as you can, or run the farthest and avoid all the obstacles. Charlie is also able to repeat after you like a parrot just talk to him and he will talk to you back.


JULY, 2013: New version 1.1, bringing news such as: new racing minigame, overall performance improvement, complete new audio engine and many enhancements for iOS7 beta. FEBRUARY, 2014: Version 1.1.3, which unlocked medium level and lower some in-app purchases prices.


  • Four modes/levels of destroying Charlie – from the most gentle to the bloodiest
  • Numerous ways of hurting Charlie
  • 3 minigames for entertainment and winning Meatballs, more added in updates
  • Photo mode with more than 200 elements and more are periodically added
  • Record a video message and send it to your friends, Charlie will repeat after you!
  • If you're up for a little gambling, then try your luck in lottery


Charlie, The Steak iPhone App Review - CrazyMikesapps YouTube

Charlie, The Steak - iOS Launch Trailer YouTube

Charlie, The Steak gameplay YouTube


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About DynamicDust s.r.o.

DynamicDust is Prague-based game studio, which is keen on developing games for various mobile devices. Our primary motto is ‘creativity, new ideas and invention’. We are fun people who love to make entertaining games, throw around some jokes and never stop smiling. But even though we love enthusiasm and amusement we are mainly professionals. We never make any compromises at the cost of quality. We are also a small team of people, but each of us is working as three. But at the end of the day we are just gamers who love to make games for other gamers and make their days better.

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Charlie, The Steak Credits

Daniel Hadl
CEO, Music and Sounds

Dominik Hadl
Creative Director, Lead iOS Developer

Lubomir Cenovsky
Lead 3D Artist, Unity3d Engineer

Sofia Merkulova
Lead Designer, 2D Artist

Vojtěch Rýdl
PR, Marketing and Social Media

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